Data, Research, and Faith-Based Solutions

A research institute that is focused on using statistics and data to create a better future for Shi’a youth in the West.

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About Al Hassan Institute

Using data driven research to offer faith-based solutions.

Al Hassan Institute (AHI) operates as a think-tank, aimed at offering clarity to the contemporary issues of Shi’a youth. Backed by a team of experts in statistics, data analysis, behavioral health, Islamic fiqh and jurisprudence, demography and sociology – AHI creates a centralized effort of realigning Shi’a youth to their identities.


We are a public charity. Unlike other institutions, our financial data is public and can easily be requested by our donors.

Data Driven

We gather accurate data in the field via surveys developed by professionals. Data is confidential and none is sold.

Team of Experts

Our specialists work in data analysis, behavioral health, Islamic fiqh and jurisprudence, demography and sociology.

Faith Based

Our standards and values as an organization are derived from the teachings of the Ahlulbayt.

how we research

Accurate, authenticated surveys.

Using software designed for gathering and analyzing survey data, our team members are not only active remotely, but administer surveys right within the communities we serve. Our surveys are structured by professional researchers to ask the questions that matter.

Our Culture

We aim to bridge the gap between generations.

As a multi-generational community in the West, many Shi’a youth struggle to relate to their immigrant parents or elders due to differences in culture and perspectives. AHI uses data derived directly from Shi’a youth to create conversations between generations.


Within our organization, our melting pot of generational professionals creates a clash in perspectives, giving rise to debates that conclude in much needed understanding.


Our core objective is using data to shed light on the concerns of Shi'a youth in the West. We use that data to guide research efforts and offer faith-based solutions, backed by empirical information.


Our values are deeply engrained within our faith. We see it as our responsibility not only to our community, but to our awaited Imam (ATF) to carry out this noble cause.

Take part in the revolution.

We are constantly looking for passionate individuals to join us in implementing our mission.

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